大松 真由美
Mayumi Daimatu

E-mail  mada@dk.mbn.or.jp


It past 9 years since I began pottery.
What I want to do now,and I'm gropeing
for new myself like a beginner feeling.

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土     信楽白粗、赤粗
釉薬   白化粧に萩釉
焼成   酸化
サイズ      50h、115w
Rice bowl
Clay      Mixture of Shigaraki rough white and rough red
Glazes   Engobe with hagi glaze
Size      50h,250w         
土     信楽白粗,赤粗
釉薬   白化粧に長石、乳白釉
焼成   還元
サイズ  45h、250w、     45h、250w
Set of dish
Clay       Mixture of Shigaraki rough white and rough red
Glazes    Feldspar and milky glazes with engobe
             Reduction fire
Size       45h,250w        45h,140w
土     信楽赤粗
釉薬   伊羅保、青灰釉
焼成   還元
サイズ        90h、310w
Big bowl
Clay      Shigaraki rough red
Glazes   Blue ash glaze with irabo glaze
            Reduction fire
Size      90h,310w